Tel Aviv - The Most Colorful White City

In 2003 Tel Aviv was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. "The white city” is actually a name given to some of the city areas characterized by the international Bauhaus architecture, which were built in the city starting from the end of the 20s of the previous century until the establishment of the country. It is a clean, simple and functional design, characterized by its color uniformity, simple and modest fronts, straight lines and light. as well as minimal elements that are simple to create and use. The White House Hotel is characterized by this style too, and is well integrated in the unique landscape of the city.


The Bohemian Pearl of the Middle East

There are many museums and galleries which offer a large abundance of Israeli and international art to your choosing. Wandering around the white city will reveal the Bauhaus style so unique to it, the human variety which gives it color and the endless culinary richness. Take time to enjoy the area of the Dizengoff Square and street, the European charm of Neve Tzedek, the fashionable Rothschild Boulevard, the authentic markets in Jaffa and the artistic graffiti in Florentin. It is recommended to sit down in the lively coffee shops, listen to the street musicians and soak in the Mediterranean sun. In the evening you will discover hundreds of bars, pubs, parties and concert venues which suit every audience and will take you on a journey to the legendary "city that never sleeps” nightlife.